The Dress Code aims to bring you tried and tested classic styles from brands you can rely on. Brands with heritage. Brands we believe in to deliver quality we can be proud to vouch for.

We search far and wide to find designs and fabrics you will love wearing, whether you are travelling, working, partying or simply enjoying the peace and comfort of your own home.


In 1993, Darlene Chin opened her menswear store, Attitude for men, providing timeless classic clothing to the men of Darwin. After 24 years of people asking us ‘Why don’t you open a women’s store which is like your menswear store?’, she succumbed and a ‘sister’ was finally born!

Sourced from trusted, quality brands from Australia and around the Globe, our selection of apparel from iconic brands includes everything from dresses to denim, footwear, accessories and gift ideas. With stock arriving weekly, there’s always something new to choose, from a stylish and comfortable selection of clothing, accessories and footwear, which will help you put your best foot forward.


We are conscious of our responsibility to the environment, and we take it very seriously. We know the retail fashion industry can create extraordinary amounts of waste, and we do our utmost to reduce our impact on landfill.

All waste in-store is separated. We rely on NT Recycling Services (NTRS) to remove our commercial waste and we are proud to say we have reduced our general waste to negligible volumes for a business this size.

We are vigilant about separation of recyclables into different categories – soft plastics, paper and cardboard, compostables, and ‘other’ recyclables. Drink containers eligible for the Container Deposits Scheme are collected and given to a neighbour to supplement their old-age pension, and we voluntarily serve as a collection point for used Nespresso capsules, which are returned to Nespresso in bulk for processing.